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Acronis Appoints Tech Wise Solutions as Official Distributor for Acronis Home Office

Johannesburg, 2024-03-26 | Acronis, a global leader in cyber protection solutions, is delighted to announce the appointment of Tech Wise Solutions as the official distributor for Acronis Home Office. This strategic partnership aims to enhance the availability and accessibility of Acronis products specifically tailored for home office users.

As the demand for secure and reliable home office solutions continues to rise, Acronis is committed to providing cutting-edge cyber protection tools for individuals and small businesses. Tech Wise Solutions , a reputable and forward-thinking technology distributor, aligns perfectly with Acronis's mission to deliver innovative and user-friendly solutions to consumers.

With this collaboration, Acronis aims to streamline the distribution process, ensuring that Acronis Home Office products are readily available to meet the evolving needs of remote workers and home-based businesses. Tech Wise Solutions' extensive network and expertise in the technology distribution sector make them an ideal partner to help Acronis reach a broader audience of consumers seeking robust cyber protection solutions.

Acronis Home Office is a comprehensive suite designed to address the unique cybersecurity challenges faced by individuals and small businesses operating in home office environments. It includes advanced features such as backup, anti-malware, and endpoint protection, providing users with a holistic solution to protect their digital assets.

"We are thrilled to announce Tech Wise Solutions as our official distributor for Acronis Home Office. This partnership is a significant step in our commitment to providing top-notch cyber protection solutions for individuals and small businesses," said Sergiusz Wiza, VP OEM at Acronis. "Tech Wise Solutions' dedication to technological innovation and customer satisfaction aligns seamlessly with Acronis's values, and together, we look forward to empowering home office users with the best-in-class cyber protection tools."

Tech Wise Solutions will play a crucial role in distributing Acronis Home Office products, ensuring that users have easy access to the latest advancements in cyber protection. This partnership reinforces Acronis's dedication to delivering comprehensive solutions that safeguard data, privacy, and digital assets for individuals working from home.

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