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Zecurion Celebrates Strategic Partnership with Tech Wise Solutions and Kristel to Expand Presence in Africa

Johannesburg, 2024-03-18 - Zecurion, a vendor of the Next Generation DLP, is delighted to announce its collaboration with Tech Wise Solutions, appointing Kristel as their esteemed distribution partner in Africa. This partnership marks a significant milestone for Zecurion's expansion strategy in the African region.


About Zecurion:

Zecurion is a world-class vendor of IT security solutions helping companies to protect against insider threats. By 2024 Zecurion has more than 150 partners worldwide and is present in more than 70 countries. The vendor is recognized by “Big 3”: Gartner, Forrester and IDC. Focus on innovation and dedication to excellence has positioned Zecurion as a trusted partner and top-grade technologies provider for organizations of any size and business area.


About Tech Wise Solutions:

Tech Wise Solutions is a dynamic technology solutions provider, dedicated to delivering innovative and strategic IT solutions to businesses across various industries. As a forward-thinking company, Tech Wise Solutions has built a reputation for its commitment to providing clients with the latest and most effective technologies to optimize their operations and enhance their overall cybersecurity posture.

About Kristel:

Kristel, based in Kenya, is a leading distribution company with a strong presence in the African market. Known for its expertise in technology distribution, Kristel has established itself as a reliable partner for connecting top-notch technology providers with businesses seeking innovative solutions. With a focus on customer satisfaction and market growth, Kristel has become a key player in the technology distribution landscape.

The Partnership:

The collaboration between Zecurion, Tech Wise Solutions, and Kristel is a strategic move aimed at fostering growth in the African market. By leveraging each partner's strengths, this alliance will empower businesses across the continent with the latest technologies.

"We are excited about the cooperation with Tech Wise Solutions and the appointment of Kristel as our distribution partner in Africa. The new agreement reflects our commitment to expanding Zecurion's footprint in the region and providing advanced insider threat protection solutions to businesses seeking mature cybersecurity measures," said Alexey Raevsky, CEO at Zecurion.

Tech Wise Solutions shares our enthusiasm, recognizing the synergies that will drive technological progress in Africa. "Together with Zecurion and Kristel, we can empower businesses with original data security solutions, helping them stay ahead in an increasingly digital world," commented Peter Kohlöffel, Director at Tech Wise Solutions.

Kristel is eager to bring our innovative solutions to the African market. "We are honoured to be appointed as the distribution partner for Zecurion in Africa. This joint effort aligns with our goal to provide businesses in the region with access to the latest technologies with both people- and data-centric approaches to cybersecurity," said Ben Obinju, CEO at Kristel.

The strategic partnership between Zecurion, Tech Wise Solutions, and Kristel sets the stage for a new era of cybersecurity in Africa. As the digitalization continues, this alliance aims to empower organizations with the tools they need to protect their data and thrive in the ever-changing technological landscape.

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